We're Employee Owned!

Speak with a Woodman’s employee and you’re most likely talking to an owner of the company.

Woodman’s employees love what they do and why not. They are owners themselves, vested in the success of the company. After working for over 3 years employees become part owners of the company by being vested with company stock. A very large amount of the company’s revenue is spent on employee compensation and benefits.

The employees are not only very well compensated by industry standards, but they also have a real stake in the success of the company. Such an investment in employees is virtually unheard of in today’s work environments.

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Woodman’s is Very Different!

Step into a Woodman’s store and you will immediately notice the difference in pricing along with the vast array of brands and product selection.

Woodman’s Markets are a fresh change from the super box multi-product stores like Wal-Mart and Meijer and the national grocery chains like Dominick’s, Jewel, and Pick n’Save. Currently, shoppers access Woodman’s stores all the way from Green Bay, WI to the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois. Customers rely exclusively on Woodman’s stores for their grocery needs, and there is good reason why. Woodman’s offers huge variety and much lower prices than these other grocery stores and super box operators. In addition to grocery items, Woodman’s stores also feature huge, extremely well-stocked liquor stores, discount gas stations, oil change centers and car washes. This makes Woodman’s a convenient one-stop, grocery-shopping destination.

Established in 1919, Woodman’s has grown steadily over the years through word of mouth, exceptional customer service, huge varieties of products, and extremely competitive pricing. You can fill a shopping cart with more at Woodman’s and spend much less than you will at any other grocery store or super box store.

As an employee owned corporation, Woodman’s is extremely cost conscious and prefers to take on very little debt in operating the company. The savings gained by avoiding ongoing interest payments and long-term debt are passed on to you, our valued customer, through our every day low prices. Woodman’s accepts cash, checks and debit cards as payment options. Woodman’ does not accept credit cards. By not accepting credit cards, Woodman’s eliminates the costly processing fees imposed by major credit cards companies. Then in turn is able to offer groceries at much cheaper prices than other grocery stores that do accept credit cards.


Woodman’s is focused on providing the widest array of grocery products at the lowest price possible.

In some instances super stores only carry a few brands of a specific item, while you can find multiple brands at Woodman’s, including smaller regional products.

Your shopping dollar will go further at Woodman’s due to our large buying volume and streamlined process.

In addition to the selection and savings, you will notice the enthusiasm of Woodman’s employees. They care about you and your experience in their store.

Compare Woodman’s and you will see a difference.

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