Vendor Image Submission

Valued Woodman's Vendor,

In an effort to continue to improve our online shopping experience, we are asking vendors to visit our online store and verify that your products have images. In the event any images are missing, or outdated, we ask that you reach out to our e-commerce partner, Instacart. Supplying images will result in increased visibility for your products on, and therefore increased sales.

Small vendors that do not partner with CSPs can upload their content directly to Instacart via Jotform. The Instacart team will validate the content for formatting errors. If errors are found, the Instcart team will communicate with you to resolve them. Successful submissions will get routed to Instacart's catalog and displayed on our storefront.

Click here to visit the Jotform submission page for brands.

NOTE: All submissions must include the values for the scan code and manufacturer name. Scan codes must be at a universal level, no in-house products (type 2 codes) can be updated through Jotform.

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