Valued Woodman’s Customer,

Every month each of our customers will have the opportunity to donate $1* to a local food bank simply by tweeting!

The Process is simple:

1) Tweet an image from Woodman’s Food Market
with the hashtag #Woodmans4Meals

That’s it!

Thank you for taking a few minutes and helping those that need it most.


     * = There is a maximum donation amount of $500/mo. Each Twitter user can tweet once per month.
Verification of authentic user is at the sole discretion of Woodman’s Food Market.


1. The first 5001 unique tweets2 by valid users3 will count towards the overall donation total

1 = “500” signifies the total monthly allocation of donations to food banks
2 =”unique tweets” identifies tweets with original content as opposed to retweets, etc.
3 =”valid users” are identified as those with a profile picture and more than 50 followers.

2. Furthermore, each valid user can tweet as many products/deals/features as they would like each month, but only the first tweet will go towards the food bank donation total (aka, each Twitter User is able to allocate $1 a month to a food bank in their area).

3. Each period will begin and end on the applicable calendar start date and end date (C.T.).

Food Banks and Pantries which benefit from your tweets:

1. Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin
2. Northern Illinois Food Bank
3. Paul’s Pantry Inc.
4. St. Joseph Food Program
6. Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

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