Promotional Opportunities

The Process:


  1. Determine which opportunities below you are interested in participating in.
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Primary Marketing Department Options:

Woodman's has always been, and will always be, a grocery store who specializes in variety and cost savings.  Therefore, our #1 goal is to maintain a lean cost structure, and receive the best possible prices on items we sell.  However, we also realize that many companies, both new and established, are looking for other ways to increase awareness and trial of their products, and therefore, we have partnered with a Marketing Agency with whom we can offer various In-Store and Out-Of-Store Woodman's Advertising Opportunities through.

Currently these options consist of the following...

  • Social Posts [Example]
  • Every Woodman's location has it's own Facebook Page, and as such, each page can make it's own social posts. If you have a product selling at some of our stores, but not all, this is a great way to promote awareness of your products to our customers at specific stores. Each store post will have a $10 "boost" behind it, which is targeted to users within a certain radius of the store (5-15 mile range depending on the store)
  • Email Banner [Example]
  • Each Woodman's location has it's own Weekly Digital Flyer, and as such, each location has it's own email list that receives a weekly alert about this store flyer release. A graphic can be inserted in one, or many, different store flyer emails. The email banner option is limited to one company per week, however, there are TWO banner ads in each email, the 2nd of which will be a Woodman's announcement. Creative should be 1800px x 600px.
  • Digital Flyers (Option A) [Example]
  • Each week, Woodman's creates a Digital Store Flyer unique to each location. The flyer contains two areas for 3rd party vendor promotion. One of these sizes is obviously larger than the other. Option A is 8" x 5.167" (Creative should be 2400px x 1550px).  Please visit to view current live flyers and gain a better understanding of where these ads would be displayed.
  • Digital Flyers (Option B) [Example]
  • See line item above for Store Flyer Ad Details. Option B is 3.67" x 3.67" (Creative should be 1100px x 1100px.
  • Wipe Stand Kiosks [Example]
  • Every store has a sanitization wipe stand at store entry points. There are several 3rd party local area businesses that can be advertising at any time, but we also reserve several spots to make them available to in-store product promotion. Your ad would rotate with five other placements in an infinite loop.
  • PA Spots [Example]
  • Each store has a PA System used to play background music, and communicate employee messages to other employees and customers. At any given time there are Woodman's commercials, and informational messages, being broadcast in a recurring loop throughout the day. Your spot would be guaranteed 1 play per day, but in reality should be several multipliers greater than that.

    Primary Category Buyer Options:

    Many options are available directly through our Category Buyers, these range from price/sale discounts to physical coupon hanging. Please reach out directly to the Category Buyer you work with for more information.

    Primary 3rd Party Options:

    There are also several options that are only available via 3rd party companies which we work with. These range from advertising campaigns on to Digital Coupons and In-Store Shopper Kiosk options. See below for more information.

  • Shopper Kiosks [Example]
  • This is a much more robust option that can include printed coupons, rotating banner ads, recipe integration, and/or targetted ads to different areas within the kiosk. The kiosks are the property of ShopToCook, and any inquiries regarding setting up a promotional campaign with their kiosks should be directed to them. Contact Information Below.
  • Digital Coupons [Example]
  • Currently all digital coupons available in the app are derived from the Inmar Digital Coupon network, which powers the feed within the app/website. Please reach out to Inmar directly to set up an offer. We are working on an option that will allow digital coupons to be created on our end, but there is currently no timeline for that availability. If you are looking for a more impactful coupon program, please see the first bullet point on this list.
  • Advertise with [Example]
  • is our eCommerce wing, and powered by Grocer Key. Grocer Key has various vendor programs that can better highlight their products on the site. Please see the contact information below to reach out directly to them.

    The Costs

    To assist with cost calculations, please download our "Campaign Cost Calculator" Excel file.