Attention Customers, 

Woodman’s is teaming up with Redbox to offer you affordable DVD, Blu-Ray, and Game rentals. Initially Redbox kiosks will not be available at all of our store locations (see list below), but we are hoping to change that in the near future. If you have never used a Redbox kiosk before, the process is pretty straight forward (and you receive a FREE rental code after your first rental too!)…

  1. Select the movie you want to rent via the touch-sensitive kiosks screen.
  2. Add that movie to your “Shopping Cart”
  3. Touch the on-screen Check Out button.
  4. Touch the on-screen Pay button
  5. Swipe any credit card or debit card
  6. Verify the zip code for that card
  7. Enter your email (Optional – but recommended)
  8. Grab your movie
  9. Return it the next day to ANY Redbox Kiosk.

Available At The Following Locations

Carpentersville, IL | Janesville, WI | Madison West, WI | Rockford, IL | Waukesha, WI