Hanging Shelf Coupons


The very 1st thing is to get in touch with your respective Category Buyer and make sure they are aware of the promotion, and have an opportunity to provide feedback.  If you are not familiar with who the respective Category Buyer would be for your item, please email [email protected] with the details of your item, and your request to learn who your respective Category Buyer would be.

The following information is only useful as a reference guide AFTER you have spoken with your respective Category Buyer about the offer you would like to utilize.

The Details...

  1. After confirming all details with the respective Category Buyer, the Woodman's Coupon Department.
    1. Emailing [email protected] is the preferred method of contact.
    2. However, calling the Woodman's Corporate Office (608-754-8382) and asking for an employee in the Coupons or Accounts Receivable Department also works.
  2. You will receive an IN-AD PROMOTIONAL COUPON RELEASE FORM to fill out and submit (see/download a copy here)
  3. Coupon processing rates and conditions will be discussed at the time of set up.
  4. Certco (Woodman's Wholesaler) will receive a copy of the form to begin work on production and distribution of the coupon to the stores identified.
  5. Current price details:
    1. Coupon cost is 3¢ per coupon
    2. Set up starts at $22.50 per coupon
    3. $5 cost per store to deliver
    4. Lead time is four weeks prior to start date
    5. Minimum of 360 coupons per store
      1. Coupons can be made available online as well
    6. Pictures need to be sent in JPG, PDF or EPS  (NO Power Point files)
    7. E-mails must have coupon LU# in the Subject line
    8. Example Costs from Certco:
      1. 18 stores, 360 per store
        18x360 = 6480 x $.03 = $194.40 
        $194.40 + $22.50 setup = $216.90
        $5.00 per store to ship = $90.00
        $216.90 + $90 = $306.90 plus tax $16.88 total $323.78
        This is what Certco charges $323.78

For further questions, please talk with your Woodman's Category Buyer, and/or the Corporate Office Coupons or Accounts Receivable Departments.